The Red Booth with Kimberly Q is a positive, truly unscripted, Vintage/Retro PINUP style TV Show/Talk Show (the only one of its kind) with a focus on Music, Film, Arts & Entertainment. Hostess and creator, Kimberly Q interviews a wide range of guests; from award winners to up and comers. Actors, Musicians, Directors, Writers, Athletes and more! Get to know them as if you’re sitting right in the booth. Hear about her guests’ latest projects, personal philosophies and advice for others wanting to get into these industries.

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Bruce Spaulding Fuller on The Red Booth

On The Red Booth, we have the amazing special effects artist Bruce Spaulding Fuller on the show! Bruce has worked on creating monsters in hit films like Predator, Underworld, Terminator 2, Army of Darness, American Horror Story, Suicide Squad and many more. Get a special peek into this fascinating art form, hear his tips and how he got started. Bruce has helped make so many monsters come to life in legendary movie moments for us all!

Stelio Savante on The Red Booth

Get to know actor, Stelio Savante! From broadway to TV and Film, he's done it all. You may recognize him from hit shows like Sopranos, Ugly Betty, Law and Order SVU, NCIS, The Making of the Mob and many more. Stelio's also become a staple in the billion dollar gaming industry playing characters in huge games like Call of Duty:Modern Warfare 3, Mass Effect 2 and Uncharted to name a few.

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