The Red Booth with Kimberly Q is a positive, truly unscripted, Vintage/Retro PINUP style TV Show/Talk Show (the only one of its kind) with a focus on Music, Film, Arts & Entertainment. Hostess and creator, Kimberly Q interviews a wide range of guests; from award winners to up and comers. Actors, Musicians, Directors, Writers, Athletes and more! Get to know them as if you’re sitting right in the booth. Hear about her guests’ latest projects, personal philosophies and advice for others wanting to get into these industries.

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Anthony Ferrante on The Red Booth

This weekend on The Red Booth we have Anthony Ferrante creator and director of the Sharknado series on Syfy! With the premiere of "The Last Sharknado: It's About Time" coming out, Anthony has a lot to look back on over 6 movies, with this wild ride of a phenomena he's created! Plus we talk about what's next for him! Watch this Sat night on You Too America TV.

New Movie Releases with Tony the Movie Guy on The Red Booth week of 10 Aug 2018

Watch this week's new movie releases with Tony the movie guy for the week of 10 Aug 2018. He talks about some of the top go see movies of the summer.

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